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Note: What's in here are dumped from my resume, there are some reasons and thoughts:
* The resume is limited, 1-2 pages, as time went by, my EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, TOOLS and etc. are all growing, I can't put all of them into my resume, I must choose and put the highlight into my resume, and some of them looks like toys from today's perspective/view.
* But the things I've done represent the past, they are the past time line of mine, I think I shouldn't let them just go and disappeared, so, I put all stuff dumped from my resume into here, for myself, and also for some people who interested.

Oct 2012. (Independent) Simplify Word-pad - Text Processing Software

Project Details

(Independent) Build Independent Personal Website Jul 2012, Jan 2013

Project Description: Build an independent personal website using WordPress from scratch
Project Dev. Tools: Linux, Shell, Vim, FTP, Chrome.
Problem Solved: Domain name, Site host server, DNS server, Pic host server, Content Manage System(WordPress), Upload/Configuration/Troubleshooting, Backup, Security, Plug-ins, Code highlight, Mobile interface, SEO, Apply for enterprise Email.
Future Movement: Build another site using Github as host server, XML as database, Markdown as descript language, Static HTML web-page as information presentation media.

(Independent) TCP+UDP Network Communication Program(C/S)

Project Date: April 2012
Project Description: Implement network communication between two programs in one computer, and implement network communication between two computers.
Project Dev. Environment: C++, Visual C++ 6.0, Windows(XP/7), Use rapidly prototype and fast iteration develop method.
Project tough problems and questions:
* Multi-thread to love multiple request and GUI suspending
* Use Windows Socket API implement and integrate two protocol (TCP, UDP) in one program.
* Solve how to deliver function as a parameter

(Internship) China Unicom Communication Assistant

Date: February 2012
Company Name: Harbin Ying Li Technology Development Inc.
Department-Position: Development Department - Software Developer - Windows Platform
Description: My responsibilities is to develop windows client(Login module and message sending module), meantime wrote a server program to test client.
Tough problems & solutions:
* Input checking and processing.
* Multi-thread to solve GUI suspending.
* Multi-thread dealing multiple communication request.
* Read and write configuration file, Log recording.
* User information encryption(MD5), Store, Transmit it.
* Use critical area to keep thread syncing(init, lock, entry, leave, delete).
* Design communication protocol to solve problem of message lost and delay.
* Packing message into XML format and transfer it to server via socket.

(Team Project) Small RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) (2 Men) Oct 2011 - Dec2011

Open Source Project

(Open source) Testing & Bug report

Testing and bug report for Kiwix - A open source offline wiki program under Linux OS.
Mobile Apps bug report: Contact+, Youdao Dict.

(Open Source) Projects Related

Monitoring project: Linux kernel, Webkit Engine, PetaBox(,
Monitored before: eMule, Everything, Fastcopy, Perl(Markdown), Google Linear Scanner, SimplyHTML.

Ideas & Thoughts to develop a program

Note: Old haven't been import yet.
* March 19, 2013. Auto recursively convert all $X.markdown files in one directory into $X.html. Done, a little problem need to solve.
* March 19, 2013. A heat program, it's winter now, it's cold, I want the computer produce more heat by making CPU load above x%.


(Note: Small programs/scripts to finish one single purpose and one purpose only. Ordered by descend DATE)