Arch Linux - What is it (Cognition, Design purpose...)

Arch Linux


Perception - Arch Linux and other Linux distribution from my view

Archlinux is like some sort of medium stuff, probability at a middle position of Linux distribution hierarchical pyramid, not too “High” level, not too “Low” level too.

The Design (Purpose)

Arch Linux was designed for those who think Linux distributions like Ubuntu/Fedora have too much things they don’t need, and Gentoo/CentOS is too complex to install and manage, who want a simple, lightweight system, who want control everything without too hard to learn/build/configure/maintain, who want personalized, who want different, who want cool. If you are, Arch will be a good choice.


So, what is it? What is Arch Linux, As it broadcasted, “A simple, lightweight distribution”, after a long cycle, I finally understand what is the meaning of simple and lightweight, do things pretty good, but can’t do thing professionally or expertly, will you let it running on your core/key servers, can you completely learn principle of Linux as the LFS journey does, no, it's just a compromised solution and choice.

What is it mean to me

Problems I encountered before (most not recorded)

A joke about Arch Linux user

  1. First day, turn on computer, run “sudo pacman –Syu” update system;
  2. Type password, then wait, type “y”, or maybe more, troubles encountered:
    1. A little problem can be solved within minutes.
    2. Won’t get in system after reboot (yeah, I'm not kidding).
    3. System totally crash (want a Hulk Smash?).
    4. If you update EVERYDAY, problems usually not show up, that's why them upgrade everyday.
  3. Doing stuffs.
  4. Second day, run procedure 2.
  5. Arch users spent a lot time to update system everyday and to manually deal with the problems caused by system upgrade, I am addicted to update system manually unexpectedly in the past.

Arch Linux links and reference I used to get things done